Illum Firenze was born in 1971 from the idea of Adriana Targetti, who had conceived it as a showroom dedicated to lighting design and initially connected to furnishings. In those years, light was only design without technology. Lighting engineering as we intend it today was an almost unknown science. Illum starting location was in Via di Novoli until 1990, when it was moved in Via XXVII Aprile; then in 2008 it finally arrived in its current location in Via Baracca.

What started as a showroom, intended for the research of lighting design objects, has now become a solid and reliable company that designs and manufactures light. Today Illum is a leading company for selling light and design lamps, and for designing lighting systems worldwide, thanks to our vocation of interpreting light by drawing it in a unique, tailored way.

Our constant search for Italian and international brands, with an offer ranging from tradition to innovation, has been one of Illum’s key features since the beginning.
In the long term, Illum will keep on researching and experimenting as we have always done, while our planning and designing skills will improve further and become even more custom-made, without neglecting the importance of Italian genius and creativity.


Our Illum Firenze team consists of various experts: designers, architects, technicians, salespeople, and engineers. Our team takes care of every aspect of the projects, both for private citizens and companies, and for public institutions. Through a dynamic and flexible network of partners, we can work throughout the country and abroad.