Our history and ideas

Illum was born in Florence in 1971, as a showroom dedicated to lighting design, and today it operates both in lighting fixtures and furniture sales and in lighting and interior design at a worldwide level. Through the years, the company chose to widen its presence throughout the territory, by acquiring Comei in Perugia and Illuminati in Terni, two important companies operating in the field. In Florence, Illum gave life to a new project, Adele Interiors, a store that puts together, in a dynamic synergy, upscale lighting and the most representative Interior Design. In 2021 the Illum Group acquired Costantini Lighting in Rome, adding the sixth store to the group.


Illum s.r.l. is part of the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (ADI), an association that since 1956 gathers designers, companies, researchers, teachers, critics, journalists around the themes connected to design. Antonio Russo, CEO of Illum, is vice president of the ADI Tuscany delegation and he’s been carrying on for years the values of the Association, believing in its key role in the development of industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon, both in Italy and worldwide.


The research for technologically advanced products is directly connected to the research for the best functioning tools for each project. Thinking out of the box of trends, the research is structured on the essence and soul of each context that needs to be lit up.


We employ the best Italian and international lighting brands, with products ranging from classic lamps and chandeliers to modern and designer lamps, and to LED technology ones, that we use to design cutting-edge solutions to decorate any space with light.


Iconic lamps that made the history and yet are still relevant today, when reflecting the original soul of their creators and projecting into the future their everlasting modernity.


Illum is a green company. We believe that lighting must not only be functional, but also healthy and eco-friendly, in order to improve people’s lives and protect the environment. For this reason, Illum exclusively resorts to leading companies in the energy-saving sector, in order to use energy in a more conscious and efficient manner.


Supporting the experts during the development of the most suitable lighting project, resorting to the most up-to-date light management systems, always supervising, and providing assistance until closeout.


Art, science, technology, and passion. Light influences and times our lives. Our personalized consultation services go from the planning to the choice of the lighting solutions that best fit the project.

“Stars are holes in the sky from which the light of the infinite shines.”