We design custom-made lighting solutions. Thanks to our 60-year experience in the field, we can provide a complete management of the lighting engineering project, supporting architects, engineers, and technicians both during the designing phase and on the building site.

In addition, thanks to the most cutting edge and updated design software, we can provide our clients with a 360-degree consultation, integrated with assessments, configurations, technical drawings, and renderings, in order to fully illustrate the final project.

A custom-made project for every client

Illum team of experts can answer to any need in order to create customized projects. Together with our consultation services and our development of the lighting engineering project, we provide assistance and support during the selection and installation of the lighting fixtures.

Every Illum project begins with a meeting with the clients, architects and designers. The main goals during this starting phase are to understand the idea for the project, to identify the requirements for its unique and original realization and to assess the budget.

After the first contact meeting, we prepare a detailed quote, according to the specified requests and budget. We provide a detailed documentation about all the necessary expenses, with no surprises or hidden costs for the client. We are authorized dealer for all the main Italian and international lighting brands, and we can offer you the best buying conditions.

Our team will carry out the first survey in order to better understand the needs of the client and/or of the architect and the actual range of possibilities of a space. All the information gathered during this phase will be necessary for the elaboration of the lighting engineering calculations, simulations and in order to suggest the appropriate Lighting Design solutions.

The most creative and stimulating phase of our job is the elaboration of the final project to be delivered to the client. By means of an analysis of several technical reports and calculations, realized in order to identify the most suitable lighting fixture, we will provide you with a rendering of the project, containing all the elements that will be present inside the different areas of your house, office or retail space. Thanks to our 3D design, we will provide you with a realistic simulation of the lighting solution designed by our team.

Our team of lighting designers concludes our partnership with the systematic on-site verification of the lighting fixtures installation and lighting results.

100% customized project

We have the final result of your project close to our hearts, and that’s why we don’t only provide you with the lighting fixtures, but we also put our technical and designing skills at your service, in order to create totally custom-made products. This tailor-made service is thought to grant the designers complete creative freedom in every space and for any need of the client. We create professional personalized lamps and lighting fixtures, using state of the art, top-quality materials, while always aiming for energy efficiency.

Get in touch with our experts and ask for a lighting consultation and for the chance to evaluate together with us some original ideas to light up your spaces. Our consultation service is suitable for business activities, public and private offices, accommodation facilities and private houses.

You can find us throughout Italy

Illum was born in Florence in 1971, as a showroom dedicated to lighting design, and through the years it has become a reliable company for designing and manufacturing light. Today Illum means: worldwide lighting planning, designing and retail.
Illum Group is present throughout Italy with six open-to-the-public showrooms:

– Illum Firenze
– Illum Perugia
– Illum Terni
– Illum Terni in centro
– Illum Roma
– Adele Interiors

Get in touch and make an appointment

Our lighting consultation service is available by appointment only.
In order to make an appointment, you can fill out this form with the requested data and the overall information about the project you want to realize.

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