The amazing Mendes Jewelry store was founded in Terni more than 60 years ago, when Mr. Mendes Sabatini decided to open a small shop where he could exhibit the pieces of jewelry he made with his own hands, after spending many years cutting his teeth in various goldsmith workshops. In 2002 the management of the business passed to the second generation, consisting of his son Naldo, his wife Anna Rita and their children Simone and Sebastiano.
For the shop’s makeover, designed by Studio Mabb, we supplied these lighting fixtures:
Moon – Davide Groppi
STRIPLINLED led tubular columns – Vesoi
Recessed Spotlights ZIP – Lip Lighting
Strip Led for shop windows and display cabinets – Elcom
Relamping adjustable recessed lighting – MarinoCristal


    Illum Terni


    Studio mabb


    Carola Marello