Les Amis des Messina in Paris is a cozy restaurant with an intimate setting, in which tradition and natural elements are skillfully combined.
Karman’s design lamps cast a completely new light on its rooms, by blending harmoniously into the industrial-style furniture and illuminating every area with creativity and style.

Exposed brick walls, skylights made of cast iron and glass, peeled off plaster, areas covered with wood panels, and dark-resin floors are design features that create the interior’s background of this impactful and captivating restaurant.
Les Amis des Messina is divided in three areas, connected to each other through flights of not very steep stairs, welcoming clients at any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Every area of Les Amis des Messina is illuminated by Karman lamps and each and every lighting solution has been especially thought for lighting up the restaurant’s rooms, creating unrepeatable one-of-a-kind atmospheres. So clients have the chance to experience a multifaceted, stimulating light itinerary inside the restaurant.


    Illum Terni


    Arch. Mariano Farinella


    Stefano Aiti